King Penguins, Right Whale Bay, South Georgia




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Ideally, your monitor adjusted for a minimum of 1024 by 768 pixels in 16million color mode. I have included simple monitor calibration tools to help you optimise your display.

Monitor Setup and Calibration

If your monitor has not been calibrated, then I suggest that you begin by using the gray wedge provided below. The idea being to adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast controls so that at least the first 12 steps e.g. from white to 95% black are visible, the distinction between 95% and 100% should just be barely visible. To achieve this you should first set your monitor contrast (adjusts how bright white is) control to maximum, then adjust the brightness (adjusts how dark black is).


All of the images on this web site have been optimised for display on a gamma 2.2 calibrated monitor. The steps outlined above should result in you obtaining near optimum white and black levels. To check your actual monitor gamma level you should sit back from the monitor, squint a little, and establish which of the inner numbered boxes comes closest to blending with the patterned gray surround.


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