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Travel and photography are perfect companions. Capturing exotic, and not so exotic locations can be a challenge but it's also fun. Some places look stunning in the daytime while other locations truly shine after the sun has set and the magic of the contrast between light and dark plays out in front of our eyes. And then there are places where it's magical no matter the time of day. The galleries I've included below represent a wide variety of photography from travels through four continents.

Monitor Setup and Calibration

Ideally, your monitor adjusted for a minimum of 1024 by 768 pixels in 16million colour mode. I have included simple monitor calibration tool to help you optimise your display. The idea being to adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast controls so that at least the first 12 steps e.g. from white to 95% black are visible, the distinction between 95% and 100% should just be barely visible. To achieve this you should first set your monitor contrast (adjusts how bright white is) control to maximum, then adjust the brightness (adjusts how dark black is).



I hope you enjoy these images. Please click on a photo below to see a gallery of images for each destination.




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