California Highlights

This series of photographs was captured during a 3 week trip to California in October/November 2013.

The trip began and ended in the city of San Francisco with its iconic waterfront that looks out onto ‘The Bay’ and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. In between we visited Yosemite National Park; a location I’ve had on my ‘must visit list for as long as I’ve been taking photographs. We also visited Mono Lake, and the ghost town of Bodie, a location that offers a real taste of the old pioneering ways. From there we journeyed south to the Alabama Hills and the Bristlecone Pine forest. Death Valley, one of the lowest places on earth was also on our itinerary. Our final few days took us back west to the Pacific coastline were we photographed locations such as Big Sur, Morro Bay and El Granada. The trip was organised by my good friend Roger Reynolds at Photoventures (

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset, San Francisco

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