Pacific Northwest

This series of images was captured to the Pacific Northwest states of Washington & Oregon during late June and early July 2014. The trip was organised by Roger Reynolds at

The Pacific states of Oregon and Washington are often overlooked when people visit the United States of America. Yet these states offer some of the finest photography to be found in North America. Our trip included a wide variety of locations from the fabulous rolling corn fields of the Palouse to the wild and rugged coast of Oregon. With such a wide variety of terrain, landscape and geographical features to be found in this area we were presented with an unrivalled opportunity to capture many great images. The states of Washington and Oregon contain a very exciting coastline and an interior that has been formed over millions of years by the earth’s violent forces. The influences of the power of volcanic activity are everywhere with the clearest indication being found at Mount St Helens and Mount Ranier.

Clearing Clouds, Colonial Peak, North Cascades National Park, Washington

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